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Siox Logistics offer specialized Temperature Controlled Logistics Services – a smart solution specifically designed for the efficient management and transportation of perishable products and temperature sensitive cargo.  At Siox, we have implemented a superior suite of Temperature Controlled Logistics solutions to deliver nothing but the best for our valued clients. 

Harnessing cutting-edge technology and unrivaled expertise, we are committed to delivering your precious goods safe and sound, while maintaining the ideal temperature conditions they require. From fresh food, pharmaceuticals, to delicate art and technology items, our bespoke service ensures that every shipment reaches its destination with optimal integrity.

Our refrigerated vehicles are fitted with the latest in temperature-monitoring technology, allowing us to maintain, control, and regulate temperature within the cargo space. And with real-time tracking, you will be informed about the whereabouts of your shipment at all times, giving you complete peace of mind.

Not just limited to transportation, our service extends to professional temperature controlled warehousing and distribution solutions. Our modern warehousing facilities are designed with advanced climate control systems to accommodate all types of goods, irrespective of their temperature requirements.

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